NineAnimator Backup Viewer

How do I use the Backup Viewer?

NineAnimator uses a propriety format .naconfig for backing up of your libraries. The .naconfig is essentially a binary, property list encoded dictionary with three entries:

  • history: A list of serialized AnimeLink objects from the recently watched tab.
  • progresses: A dictionary keyed by the episode identifier for the persisted playback progresses.
  • exportedDate: The Date that this file is generated.
  • trackingData: A dictionary keyed by AnimeLink for the serialized TrackingContext.
  • subscriptions: A list of serialized AnimeLink for your subscribed anime.

Note: Only history and subscriptions will be available for viewing. The process is done client-side, your backup data is not sent to any servers.

To view your library:

  1. Export a backup of your library
  2. Restore the edited version of your library (optional)

a NineAnimator .naconfig backup