Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the app and our plans or need help with installing the app, try checking our guides and faq entries. If you haven't found what you needed, feel free to join the Discordopen in new window and ask.

General Information

How do I install the app?

Refer to the installation guide for a more detailed explanation. For the most updated guide, please view the #installation channel on our Discord server.

How can I install NineAnimator on MacOS?

Starting from version 1.2.6 build 12, NineAnimator releases will include a macCatalyst binary build. macCatalyst allows you to run NineAnimator on compatible macOS devices. in new window

How do I backup my data?

In Preferences Settings in the Watch Next tab, scroll down and click on Export History and save it to files.

Will NineAnimator ever support other languages beside English?

It is a planned feature, you can help translate the app over at in new window.

Will this app be available on Android?

NineAnimator is designed for iOS and iPadOS, written with Swift, which (as of now) only supports iOS. Many components of NineAnimator (such as Handoff, HomeKit, SiriKit, and video player) uses Apple's propitiatory frameworks, which makes them impossible to be ported to Android.


The app crashes on launch

The AppStore/TestFlight version is deprecated, please update your app using other installation method.

Refresh Token is invalid error

If you are using MyAnimeList, the refresh token has expired, reauthenticate to MAL in the app to get a new refresh token.

Google Cast feature does not work

Only some sources work with Google Cast. Refer to supported sources for the full list. Eg. "VidStreaming/VidCDN", "MyCloud", "F5 Beta a.k.a.", "FastStream" will not work with Google Cast.


Request a source

Do you like a particular website which is currently not supported by NineAnimator? You can submit a source request for it.

Please make sure the source does not exist nor was already requested before submitting a new issue.


Would you like to make this source a reality? You can contribute to its development! Check our source development guide to get started. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to use our Discord server #code channel.

Bugs and feature requests

How to export the app logs?

Go to Settings and scroll down to the Data and Privacy section. Then navigate into Data and Privacy and tap "Export Runtime logs".

I found a bug, what should I do?

If reading this page did not allow you to solve it, you can make a bug report on the issue trackeropen in new window.

Please make sure the bug was not already reported before opening an issue.

Suggest new features

You can open feature requests on the issue trackeropen in new window.

Please make sure the feature was not already requested before opening an issue.