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Backup History & Subscriptions

Some updates of NineAnimator or improper operations may cause the anime under the Recents tab to disappear. Thus it is always a good habit to regularly backup the playback histories and progresses.

NineAnimator can export the recently watched anime list and the playback histories to a .naconfig file. You may use this file to restore anime to the Recents tab or sync progresses between devices.

Creating Backups

Navigate to the settings menu and tap on the Export History button. NineAnimator will create a backup file with the following contents:

Restoring Backups

There are three ways to import a .naconfig file. When you open a .naconfig file, NineAnimator will prompt you to choose one.

.naconfig File

The .naconfig is essentially a binary, property list encoded dictionary with three entries:

See StatesSerialization.swift for implementation details.