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Runtime Configurations

Note: Runtime configurations are designed for developing, testing, and debugging purposes. You shouldn’t need to change anything mentioned in this page in order for NineAnimator to run.

It’s possible to tweak some of NineAnimator’s behaviors through changing environment variables. This is particularly useful for unit testing and debugging purposes.

Environment Variables

Variable Name Description
NINEANIMATOR_NO_SETUP_SCENE Set this variable to prevent NineAnimator from displaying the welcome screen at launch.
NINEANIMATOR_NO_ANIMATIONS Set this variable to disable UIView animations in NineAnimator.
NINEANIMATOR_APPEARANCE_OVERRIDE Set this variable to force NineAnimator to switch to a specific appearance at launch. The user’s configuration will not be changed.
NINEANIMATOR_CREATE_DUMMY_RECORDS Set this variable to create a list of dummy recent anime and playback records at launch (DEBUG builds only). The dummy records are appended to the user’s records.